Unpublished Seniors Now's Your Chance
Saturday, August 05, 2006
  Get Your Memoirs, Diaries and Lifestories Published
Not to mention any fiction you may develop as you go along...

There is a revolution in the publishing industry as a result of the development of the digital printing applied to book production. Traditional publishers reject up to 98% of all submissions leaving millions of frustrated authors all over the world. Now with Print-on-Demand(POD) services anyone can publish a book within weeks at a very reasonable price.

This is important to seniors because they can not wait for years before some agent or publisher decides to consider their book. They are now in control of the whole book publishing and promotion process if they so desire.

We have some practical tools to help seniors with their book development programs. These include directorie of POD Publishers and Printers, as well as E-mail lists of editors, book reviewers and TV and Radio Shows where books are discussed.

Visit our blob at: http://book-publicity.blogspot.com for more details.

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